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Bio Island Lysine Step Up for Youth 90 Chewable Tablets

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Bio Island Lysine Step Up for Youth is deliciously blackcurrant flavoured and contains lysine, an essential amino acid that supports healthy growth and immune function for children, adolescents and young adults.

Bio Island Lysine Step Up for Youth supports a variety of body functions during periods of growth and development, where calcium, protein and energy are beneficial.

Lysine supports collagen formation and tissue repair, which is important for skin health, muscle growth and wound healing. It assists calcium absorption that helps maintain normal bone structure.

It also plays a vital role in the production of energy and carbohydrate metabolism, which may help with the daily energy needs of all ages.


Each chewable tablet contains:
Lysine Hydrochloride             312.5mg
   Equiv to lysine                      250mg
*Contains glucose


  • Children aged 6-8 years take 1 tablet
  • Children aged 9-13 years take 2 tablets
  • Children aged 14-24 years take 3 tablets daily