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Blackmores Cholesterol Health 60 Capsules

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  • Help reduce Cholesterol
  • Provides a relevant dose of plant sterols
  • Complements existing cholesterol management regimes.
  • Convenient dosage

Blackmores Cholesterol Health contains plant sterols which help to reduce cholesterol absorption. It also contains betacarotene, as betacarotene absorption may be reduced when taking plant sterols.

Plant sterols are fat-like compounds with a chemical structure
that is very similar to cholesterol. However compared to
cholesterol, plant sterols are only minimally absorbed. They are
naturally present in everyday foods especially in vegetables, fruit,
nuts, grains and cooking oils.

During digestion, the plant sterols compete with cholesterol for
absorption. What this means is that less cholesterol is absorbed
and more cholesterol is excreted.

Blackmores Cholesterol Health is for people concerned about
their cholesterol levels and is a useful proactive aid in conjunction
with diet and lifestyle changes.


Vegetable oil phytosterol esters (plant sterols)  1 g (1000 mg)
Natural betacarotene 1.5 mg


Adults – Take 1 tablet 2 times daily with meals.